The Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant process is a carefully scheduled and carried out procedure at Dr. Prakash Gupta's Dental Clinic. Below is a quick summary of what to anticipate:

1) Consultation and Assessment: A thorough consultation is the first step in the trip. Your oral health will be evaluated, along with your treatment plan and potential suitability for dental implants, by Dr. Prakash Gupta and his staff. More precise diagnosis may be achieved with the use of 3D imaging and X-rays.

2) Treatment Planning: A customized treatment plan is developed if you are found to be a candidate for dental implants. The quantity of implants required, the kind of restoration (crown, bridge, or denture), and the procedure's schedule are all described in this plan.

3) Implant Placement: The dental implants are surgically inserted into the mandible as the third stage. To make sure you're comfortable, this is done under local anesthesia. To give the new teeth the best possible support, the implants are placed precisely where they will.

4) Healing phase: In order for the implants to become integrated with the bone, there must be a healing phase following implant implantation. Osseointegration is the term for this procedure, which can take several months. Temporary repairs could be applied during this period.

5) Restoration: The last stage is to affix the custom-made replacement teeth after the implants and bone have bonded. These restorations are made to look and operate just like your natural teeth, blending in perfectly with your smile.

6) Follow-Up Care: To preserve the longevity of your dental implants and to maintain your oral health, you will need to have frequent check-ups and maintenance once the treatment is finished.

Dental implants are an amazing tooth replacement option that not only restores your dental health and self-esteem but also gives you a natural appearance. You can restore your smile and dental health with the excellent dental implant treatments provided by Dr. Prakash Gupta's Dental Clinic, regardless of where you live in Pune, Magarpatta City, or Hadapsar.